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Our Vision

We will engage with you in diverse conversations around agriculture and food leadership. We will empower you to embrace your talents and encourage you to create self-directed, resilient, regenerative, ecologically balanced outcomes. We commit to inclusion, authenticity and the preservation of dignity at all times.


We believe that each unique challenge and each solution belongs to those who live it. 

We appreciate agriculture and food as the global ecological, cultural, economic, social, community, health and justice connectors.  

We know that your contribution to the discussion brings value, diversity of thought, and fosters creative ways of learning, knowing and doing.

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  • More Than Enough: Farmers provide in a world where food access is challenging
    The global system is not short on grocery even though there are empty tables. There is more than enough food to feed each person on earth the required calories although high costs, hunger and malnutrition persist. The length of the food chain differs today compared to few decades ago. It is a longer chain that often includes many food miles and is logistically sensitive. It is in this supply chain of grocery that the majority of people on earth depend on for survival. There is an assumption that the supermarket will provide. The supermarket is simply the marketing venue – …

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  • Wellness by Design
    We may think of those persons over the age of 65 as comfortable Grandmas and Grandpas who welcome us home and offer great meals. The reality is that one third (34%) of seniors in Canada suffer malnutrition (Stats Canada). That means that one in three of the folks in your community who are in their senior years are either not getting enough to eat or are not eating the right foods. The subject was flagged by UK PhD researcher and Nuffield Farming Scholar Barbara Bray. As her research in Healthy Aging Nutrition is emerging, she offers some very interesting perspectives …

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